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MPP Hudak Concerned 2016 Budget Will Cost Families $900 in Additional Taxes

Niagara West – Glanbrook MPP says gas tax is another broken Liberal promise

  • 25 February 2016
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MPP Hudak Concerned 2016 Budget Will Cost Families $900 in Additional Taxes
Premier Wynne’s pre-election promise NOT to increase gas taxes must have been another “stretch goal” says Niagara West – Glanbrook MPP Tim Hudak.
Hudak referred back to 2014 headlines in which Wynne promised not to increase gas taxes  and said the 2016 Budget, which clearly includes a new tax on gas and home heating such as propane and natural gas, is another broken promise and another hit to Ontarians.  The Liberal Government is also increasing alcohol and tobacco taxes.
“This budget, like the last, will make it even harder to find a good job and will make life unaffordable for Niagara West – Glanbrook families,” says Hudak.

“Our provincial government needs to reduce the cost of living in this province,” said Hudak. “Instead, the 2016 budget includes a 4.3 cent per litre hike on gas and a $5 monthly increase in home heating bills that will cost families an additional $900 a year.” 


Hudak has routinely called on the government to reduce spending, lower taxes, reduce regulatory burden, scrap the expensive Green Energy Act and walk away from the proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan, which will take an additional $2,000 per year out of the pockets of average West Niagara families with two incomes.
“Job creators have told me these are the things we need in a provincial budget that will spur investment, create job growth and help the economy,” said Hudak. “It’s unfortunate the Liberals have chosen, once again, to go in an opposite direction.”
Hudak was also disappointed that, despite signals to the contrary and billions more in government spending, there was no commitment to GO service expansion to Niagara nor funding for the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital or the South Niagara Hospital.
“Regional Chair Alan Caslin and Niagara’s business and municipal leaders have done a great job in making a case for GO expansion to Niagara. Unfortunately when a government is that focused on Greater Toronto Area, we have more work to do," said Hudak, promising to continue to work with local leaders pushing for GO until the rails are built.
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